Telling how communities are getting better with a new modernized infrastructure for gas distribution.
About Peoples Gas
"Peoples is the largest natural gas distribution company in Pennsylvania, providing reliable, low cost natural gas service to approximately 740,000 customers in Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky."
The Project
With massive efforts in modernizing its infrastructure, Peoples Gas needed to communicate its customers about this process. This campaign preceded the rate change campaign announced by the company, and had the goal to inform that in order to keep a safe and well maintained gas distribution, Peoples Gas was doing its best in modernizing the company's pipeline.
My Role
The campaign was set with a wide range of mediums to display the company's communication, and it needed a versatile designer that could take care of everything. From print ads to landing pages, I helped in bringing the client's strategy come to life.
+ My Tasks in the Project
Art Direction • Graphic Design • UX Design • Prototyping • Storyboarding
+ Collaborators
Agency: Pipitone
VP Strategic Account Planner: Nancy Balosik
Content Strategist: Caroline Constantine
Account Supervisor: Shari Holderman
Videography, Video editing, and Photography: Anthem Productions
Web Development: Blair Meadowcroft
Portion of the storyboard I created and helped Anthem Production when shooting and editing the video. Final product can be seen below. 
One-page ad created as a support medium for the campaign. Distribution across the region.
Landing page prototyped on Adobe XD to help visualize content created for the campaign. Final page can be seen here.
Masthead prototyped on Adobe XD and rendered on Photoshop for presentation.

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