About Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC)
"PTC is a nonprofit academic institution with a vibrant, active campus community that sits on top of a picturesque hill in Robinson, 11 miles from downtown Pittsburgh."
Source: PTC/Facebook
The Project
Every quarter, PTC promotes Open House events for the community to meet the institution and its programs. This year, the institution wanted to leave the trivial behind and create something fun and energetic, that would align with young people leaving high school but also matching the vision of serious institution that parents are looking for their children's education.
Guided by PTC's creative director, I art directed a series of materials that spanned from printed media to digital media, in an attempt to reach different target audiences.
Creative Direction: Rebecca Kondos
Copywriting: Christopher Hayes
Art Direction & Video Editor: Arthur Alexander
Production: Vincent Maffessanti 
Photography: Natalie Daffine and Ethan Mansberger
Image mock-up: Dribble Graphic and Freepik

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