Presenting the Energy Markets Program through a functional infographic
About Mawson
Mawson Infrastructure Group (NASDAQ: MIGI) is a digital infrastructure provider with operations throughout the USA. Mawson’s vertically integrated model is based on a long-term strategy to promote the global transition to the new digital economy.
The Project
As a way to promote the new Energy Markets Program (EMP) to its stakeholders, Mawson requested the creation of a digital infographic that could be sent not only internally, but also promoted on social media.
My Role
Translate their data into an interesting infographic that could be used whether digitally and printed, and promoted on their social media channels. The medium choose was Instagram given to its ability to have an carousel image carousel.
+ My Task in the Project
Art Direction • Infographic Design • Social Media Content Design
+ Collaborators
Agency: Pipitone
Creative Direction: Scott Pipitone
Copywriting: Nancy Banasik
Imagery: Mawson and iStock
Account Executive: Ashley Burke
Infographic format displayed in PDF sent via email and displayed on their website.
Infographic formatted to carousel on Instagram. This content was also displayed on their LinkedIn account.

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