Andre Coruja's debut album.
About André Coruja
André Coruja is a Brazilian folk singer and music composer based in Caceres, MT, Brazil. 
Known as the bass player and producer of the famous Brazilian band La Pupunã, this talented musician decided to pursue his dreams and fly solo. 
Two Trees is Coruja's debut album and took over almost two years to reach its final production stage. The twelve tracks found in this masterpiece, some in Portuguese and others in English, are the outcome of years living abroad and road tripping in Europe as a professional driver while playing and composing songs in numerous cities. 
My role
André and I work together to bring this traveling feeling and belonging up to his album cover. After coming up with this idea, we dove into his imagery looking for particular moments of his life as traveler and musician to compose with lyrics along the pages of his songbook. 
+ My Tasks in the Project
Packaging Design • Creative Direction • Graphic Design
In his album, you can find pictures taken by me in the United States, Portugal, Spain, and also images taken by André in other European countries. His album's aesthetics works with a color scheme based on autumn tones, his favorite season, and lyrics are not organized in a traditional way in order to remind people that sometimes thoughts can be chaotic, but understood.
This project is associated with a few other that I had the honor to work with André Coruja.
• Crowdfunding Campaign Video
• André Coruja photoshoot 
André Coruja's Two Trees is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

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