About The Global Switchboard
The Global Switchboard is an organization committed to bridging local and global concerns in the Pittsburgh area. We focus on transforming the Pittsburgh region into a more globally engaged and equitable community, a place where all people value diversity, practice empathy, and work together to create a more just and peaceful world.
Source: www.theglobalswitchboard.org
The project
The Switchboard Hub is the online extension of our real-world community, and the basis for membership in our network. The Switchboard Hub includes a directory of globally-engaged organizations, people, and projects, a calendar of upcoming events, curated content on important issues and areas of impact, a story corner featuring blog posts, videos, and reports from the field, a curated list of opportunities to engage with Pittsburgh’s global engagement community, and a help desk to connect you with the information and resources you need.
Source: www.switchboardhub.org
My role
For this project, I worked in partnership with Andrew Twigg, a UX expert based in Pittsburgh. As we explored possibilities along side the Switchboard staff, Andrew developed the user experience approach while I follow directions and implemented the user interface of the project. 

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