YAPSA's seal (I am a Youth Ambassador)
About YAPSA (Youth Ambassadors Project with South America)
The Youth Ambassadors Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government. From 2015 to 2017 the program was administered by Amizade. The exchange program consisted of groups of high school students traveling from the U.S. to Bolivia and Peru, and then students from these two countries coming to the U.S. for a month of service-learning.
The project
While administered by Amizade, I was in charge of creating promotional materials, whether physical or digital, to recruit students for both trips. Other than that, I created a seal to express the students' pride in becoming a youth ambassador.
The seal consists in showing the journey that all students would face during the exchange program. Through pictograms, they are seen visiting sites in Bolivia and Peru, and then returning to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the U.S., and then traveling to Washington D.C. where they have their final course. 
Creative Direction: Arthur Alexander, Sara Noel, Bridget Mullins.
Art Direction and Design: Arthur Alexander
Copywriters: Arthur Alexander, Julia Smucker
One of the promotional pieces created for social media.
A printed promotional piece that also became a social media post. During the program, Amizade also looked for families to host youth ambassadors during their time in Pittsburgh.
A GIF created for social media showing 5 reasons for high students to apply for this opportunity.
A GIF created for social media to announce the 2017 cohort. The post was also followed by a blog post.
A student wearing the t-shirt created for the program. Each cohort got a different color.

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