About Óticas Ana Maria
Óticas Ana Maria is a full care eye provider, lens and frame provider based in the city of Belém, Pará, Brazil. Ranked as one of the TOP 5 companies in its category, Ótica Ana Maria has over 15 stores spread all over the city and targets the middle class population in the region.
The project
Idealized as marketing campaign, the client requested the creation of a story and characters to demonstrate how children suffer from vision problems when they're in school. Having in mind the company's target audience, we prioritized a booklet attached to a famous newspaper and a TV commercial.
My role
I designed the characters style, the booklet, and worked on the storyboard for the commercial. My copywriter came up with a screenplay, following the guidelines provided by the client. Project developed while I worked as a Creative Director at Ponte Dois Comunicação.
Creative Direction: Arthur Alexander, Mário Azvdo
Art Direction & Illustrator: Arthur Alexander
Copywriting: Reinaldo Santos
Video ad editor: Digital Belém

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