About Amizade 
Amizade is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. It empowers individuals and communities through worldwide service and learning. It has a 19-year record of cooperating with communities on service that local individuals and organizations define and direct. Our volunteers work directly with people in developing communities to identify issues, design and implement service projects, and ensure a sustainable progression of development.
Amizade means friendship in Portuguese.
Before traveling to the work site, each participant receives a journal, in which contain relevant information to guide the volunteers throughout their international experience. For 2014, Amizade wanted to create a new appearance for its journal.
The concept
The main concept developed for this new journal explores the fact that each participant will join an adventure in a different part of the country or continent. It has a jagged look, especially because Amizade has this appeal. Each section of the journal starts with a different stamp, as if it were stamped on a passport. The recycled paper is a good choice to communicate the main intention, and also sustainability.
Additionally, before starting a journey, each Amizade participant receives a t-shirt as a symbol of engagement with the purpose of the organization. This t-shirt was re-designed to increase the Amizade experience and helps the community partners in identifying the volunteers once they're on service.
Mock up provided by PixelBuddha.net
In order to tease the participants, these two items are sent out in a craft brown paper package, as they were receiving a packet containing important resources for their journey. A tag with the motto "Your journey starts here" indicates that the real voyage of learning starts by opening that package. 
Graphic design and journal project: Daniel Alexander
Text: Amizade and partners 
Information source: Amizade

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