About Amizade
Amizade is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. It empowers individuals and communities through worldwide service and learning. It has a 25-year record of cooperating with communities on service that local individuals and organizations define and direct. Our volunteers work directly with people in developing communities to identify issues, design and implement service projects, and ensure a sustainable progression of development.
Information source: Amizade 
The project
Ohio University partnered with Amizade to put together a documentary about the anti-racists movements, the impact of racism, and what it means to celebrate Black culture. o The final audience for this project is sophomores at OU who are being introduced to the concept of global citizenship.  
From home, participants could share theirs views by recording themselves on the phone, and Amizade assembled the pieces using storytelling. 
Creative Direction: Arthur Alexander, Melissa Nix, Ronnell Perry
Screenplay: Arthur Alexander, Melissa Nix
Editor and Graphics: Arthur Alexander
Voiceover: Frankie Harris

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