Crowdfunding Campaign Video / André Coruja

André Coruja´s Crowdfunding Video,

About André Coruja
André Coruja is a Brazilian folk singer and music composer based in Caceres, MT, Brazil. This talented musician is currently finishing up his debut album in Belem, PA, Brazil.
The proposal
In order to finish up his first album solo, André released a crowdfunding campaign on Catarse in March 2016. As suggested by the platform, all project owners must present a video to introduce a proposal to the audience, explaining what project's current situation and making can appeal for donations.
In addition to his video proposal, André also teamed up with the videographer Lucas and journalist Andressa Malcher to prepare a web documentary where he showcases his work and his career's first steps. 
The work presented below is a partnership between three professionals, and I was honored be part of this team as a video editor.
Videography: Lucas
Story: Andressa Malcher
Video editing: Daniel Alexander

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